A Beautiful Cryptocurrency Portfolio


Simple, yet Powerful

f0lio's main focus is elegance and ease of use. We believe we've designed an intuitive tool to keep track of the value of your cryptocurrency portfolio.

Supported Coins
Fiat Currencies
Beautiful App
Creative Design

Did we mention that the app is beautiful? Keeping track of your finances doesn’t need to be boring nor ugly.

Truly International

No matter where you are in the world, f0lio supports your local currency. Chinese Yuan? We got you! Hungarian Forint? You bet! Brazilian Real? It's there!

Profit / Loss Coming Very Soon

Track all your spendings / gains and losses accurately, to the minute, across all exchanges.

Pure & Simple

Keeping track of your cryptocurrency portfolio's value has never been so simple. Just add your holdings and watch your money grow.

Beyond Your Portfolio

f0lio makes it easy to track coins even if you don't hold them. Check the "Market Overview" screen regularly to monitor the changes across the crypto world.

Easy Import Coming Soon

One of the most requested features is coming in the near future: the ability to AUTOMATICALLY import your transactions using your public address or your API key from your favorite exchange.

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